In the dynamic world of global mobility, while some envision a brighter future, FIAT takes tangible strides toward a sustainable and responsible tomorrow. The automaker has showcased its commitment to the present and future by unveiling a new family of Panda-inspired concepts. Brace for impact as the first model debuts this July, with subsequent launches planned annually until 2027.

These models, crafted to dominate streets worldwide, mark a significant expansion of FIAT’s lineup. Leveraging Stellantis’ global platform, FIAT infuses its unique Italian creativity – a blend of elegance and practical ingenuity – into this exciting recipe for automotive evolution. The future is not just a dream; it’s unfolding on the streets, one innovative model at a time.

Today, FIAT unveiled its latest global initiative in a lively video featuring Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO, and Stellantis Global CMO, set against Italy’s automotive hub, the “Geneva.” Using the iconic Panda as a cheerful ambassador, the video previews FIAT’s upcoming launches. With over forty years of influencing our automotive experience, the Panda stands as a symbol of Italian creativity, serving as the muse for the brand’s innovative new family of concepts. The cheerful Panda not only graces the video but plays a pivotal role in steering FIAT towards its exciting future in the global automotive arena. Discover the unveiling at this link and witness the fusion of tradition and innovation in motion.

FIAT is taking its game global, transitioning from local to worldwide offerings. Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO, revealed plans for a new global model every year, starting with a grand unveiling in four months during the brand’s 125th-anniversary celebration. This signals a pivotal shift for the brand, showcasing a commitment to a unified and innovative global presence. Get ready for FIAT’s exciting journey into the future of automotive excellence.

FIAT’s upcoming models share a core philosophy: blending functionality with fun. Designed on a versatile global platform, these cars will be produced with local relevance, ensuring a worldwide reach. The multi-energy platform enables various powertrains (electric, hybrid, ICE), emphasizing FIAT’s commitment to sustainability. With an emphasis on efficient space use and sustainable materials, each model promises a unique interpretation of FIAT’s inclusive spirit, offering modular interiors, distinctive looks, and bold personalities. Get ready for a fleet that combines innovation, accessibility, and eco-conscious design.

FIAT is redefining automotive sustainability and affordability with a “less is more” approach. By eliminating redundant parts and reducing the use of polluting materials, such as chrome and leather, the brand focuses on eco-conscious practices. A renewed emphasis on aerodynamics and modularity, enabled by a transversal platform, ensures efficiency in manufacturing. With up to 80% common parts, including interiors, shared across models, FIAT aims for affordability without compromising distinctiveness. This commitment reflects FIAT’s vision for a more sustainable, innovative, and uniquely crafted automotive future.

City Car

Introducing FIAT’s groundbreaking concept – the “Mega-Panda,” a City Car reimagined for a new era. Inspired by Turin’s iconic Lingotto building, renowned for its rooftop test track, this design marvel embodies structural lightness, space optimization, and brightness. The oval shape of the “La Pista 500” track on the rooftop leaves its imprint on the model’s interiors, influencing elements from the dashboard to the display and seats. This City Car goes beyond the ordinary, drawing inspiration from FIAT’s birthplace and innovatively blending design aesthetics with the brand’s rich heritage. Get ready for a new chapter in automotive evolution with FIAT’s Mega-Panda.

FIAT is revolutionizing sustainability with a commitment to eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics in its new City Car concept. Breaking down barriers to sustainable mobility, the brand introduces a user-friendly “self-winding cable” for effortless plugging and unplugging. Beyond its eco-conscious features, the city car boasts a high driving position and robust design, making it an ideal companion in bustling urban settings worldwide. Yet, with its spaciousness and versatility, this innovative model offers the perfect blend for family getaways and weekend adventures. FIAT’s vision combines sustainability, practicality, and global adaptability for a new era of driving.


FIAT unveils its global pick-up concept, drawing on the success of its bestseller in Brazil. As the market leader in South America, FIAT is confident in replicating this triumph worldwide, with a keen eye on Europe. This innovative pick-up merges fun with functionality, aligning with the global trend of valuing leisure time. Combining the utility of a pick-up, the functionality of an LCV, and the comfort of an SUV, it’s designed for urban life globally. More than just a vehicle, it transforms outdoor pursuits into lifestyle experiences, catering to the contemporary appreciation of leisure and adventure. FIAT’s pick-up is set to redefine expectations on a global scale.


Meet FIAT’s latest sensation, the Fastback, an heir to the iconic Fiat Fastback in Brazil and Fiat Tipo in the Middle East and Africa. Positioned to make a global impact in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, this fastback shares a modular platform and exudes a sporty charm. Demonstrating FIAT’s commitment to sustainability without compromising performance, the Fastback combines a dynamic silhouette with aerodynamic excellence, delivering lower consumption and a modern, youthful appeal surpassing many SUVs. This concept is set to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and make a bold statement on the global automotive stage. Get ready for the next chapter in FIAT’s legacy of innovation and style.


Introducing FIAT’s fourth concept – the “Giga-Panda,” a spacious family SUV designed to meet the needs of modern families worldwide. As a pioneer in accessible, innovative, and sustainable mobility, FIAT places special emphasis on family transport. This SUV concept is a testament to FIAT’s commitment to safety, versatility, and design, offering roominess and robustness tailored for families globally. Get ready for a groundbreaking model that redefines family mobility, reflecting FIAT’s dedication to delivering solutions that align with the evolving needs of diverse households.


The final concept unveiled is the epitome of versatility, embodying the new Dolce Vita style and fostering connections between people and nature. Paying homage to the “Functionality” of the 80s Panda, this concept seamlessly blends city convenience, SUV features, and the reliable essence of a trusted companion. Get ready for a vehicle that transcends boundaries, capturing the spirit of the iconic Panda and redefining the concept of a do-it-all automotive experience with style and soul.