Hyundai is recalling over 90,000 Genesis vehicles because of a fire risk they’ve spotted. If you’re driving one of these, it’s recommended to park it outside and away from buildings until Hyundai can fix it up. Safety first, right?

Hyundai is taking it seriously and working on the repairs, so keep an eye out for updates. Better to stay in the loop and follow any guidelines they share. They’re on it to make sure you and your Genesis stay safe on the road.

If your ride is a 2015-2016 Genesis, 2017-2019 Genesis G80, Genesis G90, or a 2019 Genesis G70, listen up! There’s a recall happening, so it’s worth checking in on your specific model. Safety first, right? Hyundai’s on the case, making sure everything’s good to go. Keep an eye out for updates so you can hit the road worry-free once they’ve sorted things out. Your smooth rides are on the horizon!

Alright, got some info from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – turns out there’s a potential hiccup. Water might sneak into the starter solenoid, causing an electrical short, and the worst-case scenario? Your engine compartment could catch fire – not cool, right?

Keep an eye on your wheels, especially if you have one of the models in question. Stay tuned for updates from your car crew on how they plan to tackle this. Safety vibes only – let’s keep those rides worry-free!

Guess what? In Hyundai’s paperwork, they spilled the beans about a dozen “thermal incidents” with starters in the U.S. Yup, from September 29, 2017, to July 9, 2023 – talk about some hot moments under the hood! We’re talking smoke, melting stuff, and maybe even a few flames.

Here’s the twist – it’s not crystal clear if these incidents caused full-on fires, but here’s the cool part: no crashes or injuries went down. Hyundai seems to be tackling this sizzling situation, so stay tuned for the play-by-play on how they’re cooling down these engine vibes!

Great news for Hyundai owners – dealers are stepping in to fix things up for free! They’re hooking you up with a remedy relay kit, and they’ll get that installed right in the engine junction box. So, it’s like a little upgrade to keep things running smoothly.