Get ready for a jolt of excitement Down Under as Peugeot’s sleek e-3008 SUV is gearing up to hit Australian roads in the latter half of 2024. Stay tuned for a clash of titans as these cutting-edge rides redefine the future of driving in Australia!

Joining the electric revolution in Australia, the e-3008 SUV is set to make its mark alongside its smaller siblings—the e-2008 SUV and the e-Partner van—already making waves in the local market. As Peugeot electrifies the road, the diverse lineup promises an electrifying driving experience for every need and style.

While the specific powertrain options for Australia remain under wraps, Peugeot’s global product manager for the e-3008 spilled the beans—hinting at the availability of the entry-level battery with front-wheel drive worldwide until the clock strikes 2025. It seems like an electrifying secret is in store for Aussie drivers as they eagerly await the official revelation.

The power-packed world of Peugeot‘s e-3008, where the entry-level model boasts a robust 73kWh battery, delivering an impressive claimed range of 527km. Whether you opt for front-wheel or all-wheel drive, this SUV is geared up for the challenges of the WLTP test cycle. And for those craving even more distance, the optional 98kWh long-range battery takes the lead, claiming a class-topping 700km range. Get ready to redefine your journey with these electrifying options!

Peugeot’s e-3008 lineup is all about power and versatility. The single-motor 73kWh model flexes its muscles with 157kW, while the all-wheel drive cranks it up to an impressive 240kW. If you opt for the long-range 98kWh battery, get ready for a smooth ride paired with a 170kW motor. Charging is a breeze, with all models zipping up to 160kW on a DC public charger or up to 11kW using an AC wall box—upgrade to the optional three-phase charger, and it jumps to 22kW. Plus, the e-3008 goes beyond the road, offering a nifty 3.0kW/16A vehicle-to-load function to power up your gadgets on the go.

Peugeot’s innovation shines through in the e-3008, where a clever platform design unlocks a generous 520 liters of boot space—matching the current 3008 despite the sleeker, more aerodynamic rear windscreen. A small trade-off, however, as the brand admits a slight reduction in rear legroom was necessary to achieve this impressive cargo capacity. Embrace the perfect blend of style and practicality as Peugeot continues to redefine the electric driving experience.