In a notable move aimed at advancing its presence in the Central and Eastern European market, Chinese automaker BYD has successfully delivered the first installment of its innovative BYD ATTO 3 energy-efficient passenger cars in Hungary. This strategic delivery signifies a pivotal moment in BYD’s development trajectory, as the company forges ahead in introducing environmentally conscious and cutting-edge automotive solutions to the region. The move underlines BYD’s commitment to sustainable mobility and its strategic approach to establishing a foothold in emerging markets.

Since making its debut in Hungary back in October 2023, BYD’s passenger car division has swiftly expanded its presence and growth within the Hungarian market. Collaborating closely with prominent local dealers, the company is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services to consumers, spanning from expert car purchase guidance to post-purchase after-sales maintenance. This strategic approach underscores BYD’s commitment to establishing a robust and customer-centric foothold in the Hungarian automotive landscape.

Presently, BYD boasts a presence with three outlets strategically located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The company is actively gearing up for further growth, with plans underway to expand its sales and service network across the country. Anticipating a significant stride, BYD aims to double its footprint, with the projection of having six stores operational in Hungary by the conclusion of the year 2024. This expansion initiative aligns with BYD’s vision to enhance accessibility and cater to the increasing demand for its vehicles in the Hungarian market.

According to BYD’s statistics, the company experienced an extraordinary surge in exports, witnessing a remarkable 334 percent growth, exceeding 240,000 units in the year 2023. This impressive global outreach extended to over 70 countries and regions, spanning across six continents. The data underscores BYD’s substantial international presence and the increasing global demand for its products, reflecting a robust expansion strategy and market acceptance on a truly global scale.