• The Aston Martin AMR24 is a Formula One car designed to perform well across various circuits.
  • It is the first car crafted at Aston Martin’s cutting-edge Technology Campus and features a revamped front wing and nose configuration for better airflow control.
  • The car’s floor has been redesigned to optimize airflow and downforce generation.
  • A push-rod suspension setup is employed at both the front and rear of the car for improved handling and grip.
  • The AMR24 integrates with Mercedes’ latest power unit and gearbox for a seamless blend of form and function.

After pouring endless hours of dedication and unwavering craftsmanship, the Aston Martin AMR24 takes inspiration from its predecessor’s strengths and incorporates the lessons learned from our most triumphant season yet.

They have fine-tuned to create a car that performs well across the varied circuits of Formula One’s record-setting calendar, expanding its capabilities for optimal performance.

The 2024 challenger marks a significant milestone as the inaugural car crafted at our cutting-edge Technology Campus. It represents a robust evolution, meticulously designed to serve as an ideal foundation for ongoing in-season enhancements, embodying our unwavering commitment to relentless progress.

Slicing through the atmosphere at speeds exceeding 220mph, the front wing commands the airflow with authority, skillfully orchestrating its passage across every aerodynamic contour, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the car’s overall performance.

In its design upgrade, the Aston Martin AMR24 showcases a revamped front wing and nose configuration, strategically engineered to better control and optimize the airflow disturbance generated by the 18-inch front wheels.

The collaboration between the front wing, nose, and the over-wheel winglets is a synchronized dance, orchestrating the control of the front-wheel wake. Their harmonious efforts redirect the airflow away from the car’s body, contributing to a boost in rear downforce.

Maximizing performance hinges on optimizing the potential of the car’s floor. We’ve reimagined the side pods and bodywork, giving them a makeover to enhance how airflow is handled around the floor and cascades over the rear wing.

The AMR24 introduces a more pronounced undercut beneath the sidepod inlet while maintaining the recognizable downward swooping channel from its predecessor on the upper surface. This clever design forms distinctive ridges on the sidepod shoulders, skillfully guiding the airflow along the car’s sides.

The bodywork snugly envelops the petite yet powerful turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 hybrid power unit and its cooling systems below. At the top, a cooling cannon positioned at the rear efficiently channels air from the radiators. All these elements work in harmony, ensuring the car’s floor can generate maximum downforce.

The suspension takes on a dual responsibility: skillfully managing weight distribution to enhance cornering precision and ensuring maximum tire contact with the track for increased grip and the ability to apply throttle earlier.

In the Aston Martin AMR24, a push-rod suspension setup is employed at both the front and rear, connecting the wheel assembly to the chassis through a diagonal structure situated higher up on the car’s body.

Revamping the front suspension elevates overall performance, harmonizing with changes to the wing and floor. Rear suspension optimization prioritizes airflow efficiency around the wing. These enhancements gracefully integrate with Mercedes’ latest power unit and advanced gearbox, seamlessly blending form and function in the refined design of the diffuser and floor.