BYD’s Japanese division is gearing up for an annual splash, unveiling a fresh electric vehicle model each year until 2026. This strategic move is set to carve out a niche in Japan’s emerging electric passenger car market, marking BYD’s commitment to sustainable mobility in the country.

This news surfaced when BYD outpaced the industry heavyweight Tesla Inc., claiming the title of the top-selling electric vehicle manufacturer globally for the October-December quarter of the previous year.

Despite being a hit worldwide, BYD’s cars are like hidden gems in Japan, where the electric vehicle scene makes up just 2 percent of new car sales. It’s almost like BYD is a well-kept secret in a country where the electric car buzz is still blossoming.

Liu Xueliang, the leader of BYD’s Japanese division, expressed the company’s commitment to unveiling new models by actively tuning in to the needs and desires of its customers.

Liu mentioned that the upcoming vehicle releases in Japan will be chosen from the existing lineup already available in China.

Later this year, BYD plans to debut the Seal high-end sedan, with additional new models slated for release in the following years, including 2026. Presently, the company offers two electric vehicle models in Japan: the ATTO 3 sport utility vehicle and the Dolphin compact car.

BYD, having sold more than 1,400 cars in Japan by December, is stepping up its game. They’re gearing up to expand their presence significantly, planning to boost the current tally of around 20 dealerships to a whopping 100 by 2025. It looks like BYD is ready to make some serious moves on the Japanese automotive scene!

In a bold move to boost brand visibility, BYD is kicking off an exciting marketing campaign at 30 hotspots throughout Japan, including commercial hubs. This year, potential customers will have the chance to get up close and personal with BYD’s cars, even taking them for a spin to experience the future of driving firsthand. Get ready for an immersive BYD showcase coming to a location near you!

They’ve just pulled the wraps off an upgraded version of the ATTO 3, now available at a price tag of 4.5 million yen (that’s $30,000). Ready to hit the roads, this revamped beauty is officially up for grabs at BYD dealerships across the nation, making Friday the new day to gear up for an electrifying ride!

BYD’s latest ride comes with an upgraded dashboard featuring a generously sized touchscreen. But here’s the kicker – they’ve thrown in a karaoke app, turning your car into a mobile singing haven! Just imagine belting out tunes on the go. And for those who want to take their singing game to the next level, the mic is an optional extra. It’s not just a car; it’s your concert on wheels!

“One of the factors behind (Japan’s slow adoption of EVs) is that there were not many models for customers to choose from,” Liu said at a press conference in Tokyo. “We hope to widen a range of options for various customers.”

Liu shared a nugget of insight at a Tokyo press conference, attributing Japan’s gradual embrace of EVs to the limited choices available to customers. He emphasized the company’s vision to diversify options, catering to a broader spectrum of customers and transforming the electric vehicle landscape in Japan. It’s all about expanding horizons and giving everyone a ticket to the sustainable ride of their choice.