• Alfa Romeo celebrates the iconic 33 Stradale supercar with a new official day, “33 Stradale Day,” on March 3rd.
  • The chosen royal blue color for the 33 Stradale isn’t just aesthetic; it holds historical significance and pays homage to Alfa Romeo’s heritage.
  • This specific blue color, “Blue Reale,” has a fascinating past, reappearing after decades for the car’s 2020 celebration and now becoming a permanent paint option.
  • The number 33 holds special meaning for Alfa Romeo, linked to past victories and limited-edition models like the 33 Stradale.
  • Alfa Romeo’s history is filled with legendary wins in motorsports, particularly in 1933 with the 8C 2300.

The royal blue chosen for the 33 Stradale isn’t just a color; it’s a deliberate nod to history. Alfa Romeo has infused this shade with historical significance, weaving a connection between the iconic nameplate and its heritage. The choice represents a blend of tradition and innovation, making each glance at the 33 Stradale a glimpse into the brand’s timeless elegance and automotive legacy.

Alfa Romeo has officially designated March 3 as “33 Stradale Day,” celebrating both the iconic supercar and the symbolic importance of the number 33 to the Italian marque. This marks a unique occasion, paying homage to the fusion of performance, style, and heritage embodied by the 33 Stradale. It’s more than a date on the calendar; it’s a collective salute to the spirit of automotive passion and Alfa Romeo’s enduring legacy.

Alfa Romeo is introducing a new official celebration day, aiming to unite enthusiasts worldwide and their 250 clubs. This global event invites Alfa lovers from all corners to join in celebrating their shared passion for the iconic brand. It’s a unique initiative to bring the global Alfa community together for a worldwide celebration of their love for these remarkable cars.

Here’s a fascinating twist in the tale of the reborn 33 Stradale: it’s not the first dance for this dazzling Blue Reale color. Believe it or not, one of the ten OG 33 Stradale sports cars back in the ’60s rocked this exact shade. But here’s the kicker: it disappeared from the scene for decades, only to make a jaw-dropping comeback in 2020 for a special celebration—Alfa Romeo’s 110th anniversary, to be precise. It’s like the blue from the past decided to grace us once again with its timeless charm. Talk about making a stylish comeback after all these years!

A super-exclusive royal blue 33 Stradale, straight out of the factory, landed in the hands of none other than Count Corrado Agusta, the aviation big shot in Italy. This beauty, rocking the chassis number 75033.111, came with a nifty feature—seats that matched the ones in Agusta’s helicopters back in the day.

Fast forward to today, and guess where this gem is? It’s currently chilling in the garage of a big-shot Swiss collector, adding a touch of elegance to their prized car collection. Talk about a journey—from the aviation tycoon’s hands to a Swiss collector’s haven, this royal blue 33 Stradale continues to turn heads!

In honor of the celebration, Alfa Romeo has just rolled out something special – a brand-new paint color called Blue Reale, and it’s no ordinary blue; it’s royal! This stunning hue is now joining the party alongside the classic Rosso Alfa and the more sophisticated Rosso Villa d’Este launch colors, giving enthusiasts more choices for the celebrated V6 supercar. So, picture this: the iconic car now comes in this regal blue, making it even more irresistible alongside its already stylish companions. Alfa Romeo sure knows how to make a statement in color!

Alfa Romeo has a special love affair with the number 33. Besides the exclusive 33 Stradale, which, by the way, has all 33 units already claimed (sorry, folks!), the number 33 is like a secret code for Alfa – a symbol of identity that holds a lot of meaning.

Now, let’s rewind the clock to June 2021, precisely 33 months ago. Guess what happened? Alfa Romeo nailed it in the historical re-enactment of the 1000 Miglia endurance race! It’s like the stars aligned for them, and the number 33 worked its magic once again. So, whether it’s a limited-edition supercar or conquering the race track, Alfa Romeo and 33 seem to be an unbeatable combo!

Traveling back in time to 1933, we stumble upon a remarkable chapter in Alfa Romeo’s motorsport history. Brace yourself for this triple-threat performance! The high-octane 8C 2300, guided by the dream team of Nuvolari and Compagnoni, clinched victory at the Mille Miglia. But that’s not all – Antonio Brivio took the wheel of the very same powerhouse to dominate the Targa Florio. Talk about versatility!

And the thrill didn’t stop there. In the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, the dynamic duo Nuvolari and Sommer secured yet another win for Alfa Romeo, making 1933 an absolute triumph in motorsports. It’s like a vintage blockbuster film where Alfa Romeo played the starring role and left an indelible mark on racing history.