Plaid isn’t just a one-time thing for Tesla; they’ve already given the Model S and Model X the Plaid treatment. And guess what? A Tesla Model 3 Plaid has been seen out in the open. But when’s it hitting the scene? What’s the Plaid makeover going to be like? And how much power will it pack? Well, Tesla hasn’t spilled the beans yet, but here’s the lowdown on what we’ve got so far.

Tesla Model 3 Performance & Range

Let’s kick things off with the first thought that zooms into everyone’s minds when that Plaid badge catches their eye: power, baby! Now, Tesla’s playing it coy with the exact horsepower digits, but word on the street is that the current dual-motor Model 3 packs a punch at around 390 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. Hold onto your seats because we’re expecting the Model 3 Plaid to keep the excitement alive with the same dual-motor setup and sip energy from that snazzy 85-ish-kWh battery pack. Why? Well, it seems like there’s not much wiggle room in the Model 3’s compact frame for a third motor (and all its cooling jazz) or a beefier battery.

No worries! Tesla has some tricks up its sleeve to give the Model 3 Plaid a power boost, and they don’t even need to throw in a third motor (like they did with the Model S Plaid, by the way). Brace yourself for this – we’re thinking the Model 3 Plaid could hit the streets with around 550 horsepower and the same torque figure. That’s a nice, solid number that would easily outpace its closest rival, the BMW i4 M50. Get ready for some serious zip on the road! It’s like Tesla is turning up the volume on the Model 3 Plaid’s performance game.

And that’s not all! The Model 3 Plaid could come with a whole bunch of other tweaks to up its performance game. Think about it – a snazzier suspension setup, tires built for pure performance, sleek new wheels, and who knows, maybe even a track pack in the mix. Picture this: the track pack might bring in a beefier braking system and a higher top speed, taking the Model 3 Plaid to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Hold onto your hats because the Plaid is about to break records! With that extra punch of power, we’re betting the Model 3 Plaid will hit 0-to-60 mph in lightning speed. The current dual-motor version does it in 4.2 seconds, but guess what? With this beast packing so much more power, we’re talking about dipping well into the low-3-second range. It’s like the Plaid is saying, “Goodbye, average speed; hello, supercharged thrill ride!” Get ready to feel the rush like never before!

Get ready for the long haul but with a slight twist! While the dual-motor Model 3 currently boasts an estimated 341-mile range, we might see a tiny drop with the Plaid version. Picture this: it could take about a 10% hit, so we’re looking at just over 300 miles of range. But hey, that’s still quite the journey! Just look at the Model S – the standard one goes for 405 miles, while the Plaid clocks in at 359 miles. That’s just a tad over 10% less. So, even with a slight adjustment, the Model 3 Plaid is still set to take you places!

Tesla Model 3 Plaid Design

Get ready for a visual feast because the Model 3 Plaid is not just a speed demon – it’s a head-turner too! Imagine this: leaked videos spill the beans on a makeover that’s nothing short of spectacular. We’re talking a sleek front bumper with a bold chin, a front splitter that screams style, a rear diffuser that means business, and a trunk lid with its very own lip spoiler – it’s like the Plaid is getting a red carpet treatment. So, buckle up for a ride that not only roars on the road but also flaunts a killer look that’s bound to make jaws drop. The Plaid isn’t just breaking records; it’s breaking the mold! Get ready for a showstopper on wheels!

While there’s some buzz about swanky performance seats designed for the Plaid models, it seems like those might be exclusive to the larger Model S. But hey, here’s the twist: we’re not closing the door on the possibility that you could pimp out your Model 3 with these performance seats as an optional extra. It’s like Tesla is saying, “Your ride’s personality? Upgradeable!” So, while the core stays familiar, there’s a chance to add a touch of luxury and performance inside. Get ready for an interior that’s as customizable as your favorite playlist!

Tesla Model 3 Plaid Price

Now, let’s talk dollars and sense – how much is the Model 3 Plaid going to set you back? If we play detective and apply this price magic to the Model 3 Dual Motor, which starts at $49,380, it’s like predicting a starting point of just under $60,000 for the Model 3 Plaid. But here’s the fun part: if you’re eyeing those snazzy extras like performance seats and a track pack, you could be looking at a price dance closer to the $70,000 range. Get ready to cruise in style, with a bit of swagger in your budget game.