The Q2 rolled off the production line back in 2016, making its way to our streets in early 2017. A refreshed model made its debut in 2021, giving the Q2 a stylish upgrade. It’s been quite a journey for this compact marvel!

As the Audi Q2 gracefully matures, it’s not fading into the sunset; in fact, it’s gearing up for a tech transformation that promises to elevate its driving experience. This compact marvel is set to embrace a significant technological upgrade, injecting a renewed sense of vitality into its twilight years. Get ready for a ride that seamlessly blends the wisdom of age with the cutting-edge advancements of the automotive world.

Out with the old and in with the bold! Audi is shaking things up by waving goodbye to their last-gen infotainment setup—a quaint 8.3-inch screen controlled by a trusty rotary dial. Brace yourself for a tech glow-up because they’re ushering in a swanky 8.8-inch touchscreen that promises to turn your driving experience into a high-tech adventure. Get ready to touch, tap, and transform your journey with a screen that’s as sleek as it is smart!

Say farewell to the rotary dial, making room for a handy storage compartment in its place. The front center console is now equipped with two USB-C outlets, ready to power up your devices with data capabilities.

Audi is stepping up its game by making the 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster a standard feature worldwide. Audi Australia was quick on the draw, implementing this change ahead of the curve for the 2024 lineup.

Get ready to witness the rebirth of Q2 as it struts onto the European stage in the first half of 2024, flaunting its updated charm. But hold onto your seats, Australia! The excitement is heading your way, with the Q2 expected to make a grand entrance towards the end of the year. It’s not just an update; it’s a thrilling automotive saga unfolding, promising a fresh wave of style and innovation. The countdown to a new driving experience has begun!

The Audi Q2 lineup in Europe is getting a boost with some cool standard features, like a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, and rear parking sensors. Interestingly, many of these perks are already standard in the Q2 models here.

Adding to the excitement, Audi Australia made a power move last year, declaring that besides the Virtual Cockpit, several other features are now standard across the entire Q2 range for 2024. Brace yourself for a ride loaded with perks!

  • Adaptive cruise assist
  • Active lane assist
  • Audi pre-sense front
  • Audi pre-sense basic
  • Rear USB-C charge ports
  • Storage package

When it comes to Audi choices, many opt for the allure of the slightly larger and pricier, yet considerably newer Q3. Picture this: in the previous year, Australians couldn’t resist the charm of 4457 Q3s, overshadowing the 1486 Q2s that found new homes. It seems like the Q3 stole the show, proving that sometimes, bigger is indeed better in the eyes of the buyers Down Under!