Hey California car enthusiasts, guess what? Dealerships are giving a massive $40,000 discount on Toyota’s Mirai – yeah, the cool hydrogen-powered ride that usually goes for $52,000! It’s like a green driving dream come true. Hurry up and snag this sweet deal for a future-friendly journey on the roads! So, get this – you can grab one for just about $12,000. Crazy, right?

Now, here’s the catch with this amazing deal – finding fuel might be a bit of a puzzle. Fueling up your hydrogen-powered ride just got trickier in California. Last month, Andrew Beard, the VP of Shell Hydrogen, dropped the bombshell – they’re shutting down all seven hydrogen stations on the spot. Why? Well, blame it on ‘supply complications and other external market factors.’ So, while you’re saving big on the car, better plan your pit stops wisely!

Wrap your head around this – there are just 55 hydrogen stations in the entire state. And thanks to that bombshell announcement, we’re losing a whopping 12% of California’s hydrogen refueling spots. Yeah, the struggle to find a pump just got real. Time to play automotive detective when you’re cruising in your hydrogen ride!

Okay, hold onto your hats – the Mirai is like California’s exclusive ride, and guess what? There are just around 25 of them hanging out. I know, sounds kinda wild, especially when you think about the whopping 446,961 electric vehicles that rolled out of showrooms in the state last year. It’s like comparing a VIP section to a sold-out concert. So, if you snag a Mirai, you’re practically joining an elite club of eco-conscious drivers out here!

Let’s talk real talk – diving into the hydrogen world means swimming in a sea of complexity. Besides the mind-boggling intricacies of the supply chain and the car itself, there’s the wallet-wincing reality – hydrogen is pricey, especially when you’ve got electricity as the budget-friendly alternative. Why the splurge on hydrogen? Well, it boils down to some serious inefficiencies in making the stuff. It’s like paying a premium for the fancy label, but in this case, it’s all about the production struggles.

Last September, Hydrogen Insight spilled the beans: Driving a Toyota hydrogen car in California costs nearly 14 times more than a Tesla Model 3. Wallet alert – think twice before going the hydrogen route!

True Zero, the big shot running 37 out of 53 hydrogen stations in California, just did a wallet ambush. They cranked up the price of Hydrogen at all their pumps from a cool $30/kg to a less cool $36/kg. With the recent H2 price hike, topping up a Toyota Mirai’s 5.6kg tank will set you back a hefty $201.60. Doing the math, that’s roughly 50 cents a mile, based on the Japanese auto maker’s claim of a 400-mile (647km) driving range.

Charging up a 60kWh Tesla Model 3 in California sets you back about $11.94, thanks to the latest electricity rates. Now, with an official range of 333 miles, you’re looking at a cost of roughly $0.036 per mile. Hold on to your hat, because here comes the shocker – it’s almost 14 times cheaper than fueling up the Mirai, which, by the way, rules the fuel-cell car scene in the state. Yup, the Tesla’s practically the budget-friendly superhero of California roads!”

Okay, let’s spill the tea on this – what’s genuinely surprising is how Toyota and pals have been playing the ‘future tech’ card for so long. I mean, come on, hydrogen-powered cars? It’s like they’ve been keeping a straight face through the charade. But hey, the real surprise here is the stamina of this ‘technology has a future’ narrative. Buckle up, because the plot twists just keep on coming in the world of automotive make-believe!