In May 2022, Mercedes-Benz shared its exciting plan to introduce a fancy new brand called Mythos. But after that, they stayed pretty quiet about it. Fast forward to 2023, and now, in their official financial results document, they’ve given us a little hint. They reused the same teaser image to tell us that the first Mythos model will hit the roads in 2025. This ultra-luxury car is expected to be a big shot, sitting even higher up the ladder than the Maybach cars from Mercedes. Looks like the luxury car game is getting a new player!

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to unveil the first ride under their Mythos sub-brand, and it’s going to be the SL Speedster, dropping hints here and there. The current-gen SL Speedster from Mercedes is all about that AMG vibe, and they’ve got a fancy Maybach version in the pipeline. Now, imagine the Mythos version taking it up a notch in the luxury game. But here’s the catch – the car folks at Mercedes are keeping the juicy details about it all hush-hush for now. The suspense is real! We won’t have to wait for very long to see the first Mythos-badged car.

Even though they didn’t spill all the specifics, it seems like the debut Mythos car will be a fancy upgrade from the fresh SL model. Mercedes-Benz is going all out with the Mythos line, calling it a collection of super-exclusive collector cars for those who think Maybach isn’t quite luxurious enough. But here’s the kicker – even if you’ve got the cash, getting your hands on one might not be a piece of cake. Mercedes hinted that these beauties are strictly for the most dedicated fans and collectors, hinting at an exclusive invitation-only vibe. It’s like they’re rolling out the red carpet for a select few!

This strategy isn’t something new in the world of luxury. Take Bentley, for instance. They just revealed a couple of exclusive models, the Bacalar and Batur, and the first dibs went to loyal fans and collectors. Despite the hefty price tags and limited numbers (12 for Bacalar and 18 for Batur), they were gone in a flash. It looks like Mercedes-Benz might be taking a page from that book, hoping to attract the same kind of customers with their Mythos lineup. It’s all about creating that allure for the true enthusiasts!

Back in 2022, Gordon Wagener, the design chief at Mercedes-Benz, teased us with a mysterious sneak peek of the first Mythos model. Now, when you look at the image, it’s a bit of a puzzle. It looks like a roadster, kind of like the SL, but the nitty-gritty details, like the headlights’ shape and the tonneau cover, don’t quite match up. Even if it’s secretly related to the SL, Wagener’s Instagram post suggests that becoming a Mythos is more than just a fancy paint job and some extra chrome – there’s more to the story. The mystery continues!

Last year, in 2023, Mercedes-Maybach saw a whopping 19 percent jump in sales compared to the previous year. Seeing this surge, Mercedes-Benz got a taste for more expensive and profitable rides. It seems like this success might be the driving force behind their decision to roll out the Mythos, aiming for even grander heights in the luxury car game. They’re riding the wave of success and reaching for the stars!