Big news! Isuzu Motors and TIER IV are teaming up to make buses smarter and cooler! Isuzu, based in Yokohama, Japan, is dropping a whopping six billion yen (that’s around 40 million US dollars) into TIER IV, the tech whizzes from Nagoya. What’s the goal? To make buses drive themselves! It’s like a high-tech friendship where Isuzu brings the wheels, and TIER IV brings the brainpower.

They’ve teamed up to make buses drive themselves faster! This cool partnership is all about creating super-smart systems for buses that can cruise around on their own. The big dream? To reach Level 4 autonomous driving – that’s when buses become almost like futuristic chauffeurs

Isuzu and TIER IV just shook hands on a plan to make buses super high-tech! They’re teaming up to create self-driving systems for buses, and it’s not just about tech – it’s about making buses even more awesome. TIER IV’s got the cool tech stuff, and Isuzu’s bringing loads of bus smarts. Together, they’re cooking up vehicles and systems that can do Level 4 autonomous driving magic. Isuzu’s big dream? To offer bus operators all-in-one solutions, with buses that can drive themselves.

TIER IV is the genius behind the world’s first open-source software for self-driving cars, called “Autoware.” They’ve been putting it to the test all around the globe, making sure it’s the real deal for creating safe and awesome self-driving systems. TIER IV‘s tech game is so strong that even the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) picked them for a cool project called “Open Platform Software for Automated Driving.” It’s part of the Green Innovation Fund Projects, and TIER IV is rocking the tech world with its cutting-edge developments!

In May 2023, Isuzu Group declared they’re diving into the future with a whopping one trillion yen investment by 2030. What’s the mission? To tackle climate change and supercharge their logistics game with a fancy tech called DX (Digital Transformation). But there’s more – with not enough drivers around, Isuzu thinks that rolling out self-driving tech will not just solve big problems like that but also make them the cool kids on the business block in the years to come!