Ford put a stop-ship order out for the F-150 Lightning for an undisclosed reason. The automaker is still producing the F-150 Lightning at its Rouge Electric Vehicle (EV) Center, and it’s not clear when the company plans to resume deliveries of the pickup.

Ford Motor Company has abruptly chosen to put a temporary stop to the manufacture of its electric F-150 Lightning vehicle. The choice was made following a production reduction that was linked to a decline in sales. The specific quality issue prompting the halt remains undisclosed, adding a layer of intrigue to the pause in deliveries. As Ford navigates these challenges, enthusiasts and industry observers are keenly awaiting further details on the situation.

In a statement released on Friday, the automaker confirmed the suspension of F-150 Lightning shipments since February 9th, citing a commitment to quality assurance. Although a precise timeline for the resumption of deliveries wasn’t disclosed, the company emphasized ongoing shipments of the traditional gas-powered versions of the truck, recently redesigned for the 2024 model year. Stay tuned for updates as Ford addresses and resolves the quality considerations for its electric flagship.

“We expect to ramp up shipments in the coming weeks as we complete thorough launch quality checks to ensure these new F-150s meet our high standards,” the company said.

In response to a notable slowdown in electric vehicle (EV) sales, Ford is making strategic shifts. Facing consumer hesitancy due to high prices and charging infrastructure concerns, the automaker is recalibrating its EV approach. This includes production cuts and price adjustments for the Mustang Mach-E, a pivotal move while redirecting focus towards enhancing gas-electric hybrid models. Ford is navigating the changing automotive landscape by trying to find a balance and adjust to the conditions of the market.

In a strategic move, Ford has initiated the delivery of its 2024 gas-powered F-150 units. This decision follows a buildup of inventory at the company’s holding lots, which began accumulating since production kicked off in December. The move reflects Ford’s dynamic approach to managing supply chains and ensuring efficient distribution in response to market demands.

Despite initial plans to commence shipments in early 2024, Ford has encountered challenges with the F-150 units accumulating in holding lots in recent months. According to a commercial customer, delivery delays are evident, with reports of a nearly 100-truck shipment experiencing an extension of up to eight weeks. Ford is likely addressing logistical complexities as it works to streamline the distribution process for the new model year pickups. Stay tuned for updates on the resolution of these delays.

In a strategic pivot, Ford announced plans last month to trim its F-150 Lightning production forecast for the year. The move aims to shift focus back to gas vehicle output, prompting the transfer of workers from the Rouge facility in Dearborn, Michigan, to the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. This reallocation underscores Ford’s adaptability in aligning production with market dynamics and underscores its commitment to a balanced automotive portfolio.