All New Hennessey H700 emerges as a convertible Corvette, delivering a performance akin to a sledgehammer’s force. The burning query: Does it authentically present itself as a credible alternative to the elite world of supercars?”

While Hennessey aims for the top speed record with the Venom F5, the H700 steps in as an appealing option for those craving V8 intensity without the hypercar price tag. A modified C8 Corvette convertible, it boasts more power than Chevrolet’s Z06, making it a formidable choice for performance enthusiasts.

Hennessey continues its legacy of pushing boundaries, showcasing their prowess with the H700. Starting with a standard C8 convertible, the Texan tuner meticulously enhances the 6.2-liter V8. By incorporating a new induction system, a supercharger, and an air-to-water intercooler, they achieve an impressive 708bhp and 638 lb-ft of torque.

These modifications represent a remarkable increase of 218bhp and 173lb-ft compared to the base model, placing the H700 in a league of its own. Surpassing even high-performance supercars like Maserati’s MC20 Cielo, Hennessey’s transformation of the ordinary C8 into the extraordinary H700 is a testament to their commitment to pushing automotive limits.

As for chassis modifications, there’s currently no detailed information available. The standard C8 is known for its remarkable composure and precision, but integrating a 44% power boost may push its limits. A noteworthy comparison is the Z06, which, equipped with 670bhp, features upgrades like larger brakes, increased wheel and tire sizes, stiffer springs, and an aerodynamics package. These enhancements are specifically designed to optimize the transfer of power to the road, providing insights into the challenges and considerations of harnessing increased horsepower in high-performance vehicles.

The C8 convertible tips the scales at 37kg more than its coupe counterpart, registering at 1767kg. In the UK, it comes bundled with the Z51 Performance Package straight out of the box. This package brings in significant upgrades, including larger brake discs paired with improved pads, a fine-tuned suspension system, enhanced cooling mechanisms, and a distinctive final drive ratio tailored for the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

It’s clear that opting for the H700 kit would be a no-brainer, given the added benefits of this supplementary equipment.

If you’re eyeing the upgrade, good news – it’s compatible with any C8 convertible produced from 2020 onwards. You can snag this enhancement at authorized Corvette dealerships. While a fresh C8 convertible currently carries a price tag of approximately £100,000, details on the cost of the H700 package are still under wraps. The silver lining? Once you opt for the kit, it comes bundled with a reassuring three-year/36,000-mile warranty.