The excitement is building as the automaker gears up to introduce what could be its most significant electric vehicle to date. Keep an eye out for this major development that could reshape the landscape of eco-friendly transportation.

BYD just rolled out the Dolphin Honor Edition, packing more power, a sleeker design, and a wallet-friendly price. Starting at just $13,900 (99,800 yuan), the new BYD Dolphin EV is turning heads and making a bold statement in the ongoing price battle against traditional gas-powered cars.

This upgraded electric vehicle is not only snazzier but also more affordable, proving that eco-friendly rides can be easy on the pocket too. With enhanced performance and a lower price tag, BYD is making electric dreams accessible to more people.

BYD is stepping up its game in the electric vehicle arena after boldly announcing a price war against traditional gas-powered cars just last week. This move is a clear signal that BYD is not just talking the talk but is ready to walk the walk in the electric vehicle revolution.

BYD has just unveiled its most budget-friendly Dolphin model yet, hitting the market at a wallet-friendly price tag of under $14,000 (99,800 yuan). Since its debut in 2021, the all-electric hatch has consistently been a crowd-pleaser, boasting impressive sales figures.

This latest addition not only reaffirms BYD’s commitment to affordability but also showcases the enduring popularity of their electric hatch, proving that going green doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s a win-win for eco-conscious consumers looking for both cost-effectiveness and sustainability in their ride.

In 2023, BYD made waves in the electric vehicle market by selling an impressive 367,419 Dolphin models, marking a substantial 79% increase from the previous year. The electric hatch, with its growing popularity, contributed significantly, accounting for 12% of BYD’s total sales in the same year.

Beyond the domestic market, BYD is spreading its electric wings globally, recently launching the Dolphin in various countries, including Japan, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, and more. This expansion highlights BYD’s commitment to making its eco-friendly vehicles accessible to a wider international audience. Keep an eye out as BYD continues to ride the electric wave on a global scale.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition trimPriceBatteryRange
Vitality99,800 yuan
32 kWh302 km
(187 mi)
Free112,800 yuan
45 kWh420 km
(261 mi)
Fashion119,800 yuan
45 kWh420 km
(261 mi)
Knight129,800 yuan
45 kWh401 km
(250 mi)

The latest Dolphin model from BYD, priced at $13,900 (99,800 yuan) and offering a range of 187 miles (302 km) on CLTC, is expected to attract even more customers, being almost 5% cheaper than its predecessor. The other three versions range from $15,700 to $18,000 (112,800 to 129,800 yuan) and provide a CLTC range of up to 261 miles (420 km).

Maintaining its predecessor’s dimensions at 4,125 mm in length, 1,770 mm in width, and 1,570 mm in height, the new Dolphin competes with Volkswagen’s ID.3, though it is slightly smaller.

Retaining the familiar design, including the distinctive “Dolphin” eye LED headlights, the Honor Edition model introduces a 16-inch five-hole flower wheel and two new colors. Additional features include a 50W wireless phone charger, a new type-C charging port, ventilated front seats, a 12.8-inch rotating screen, and a 5-inch instrument display inside.

A noteworthy enhancement is the updated rear suspension, bringing it closer to the European version with independent suspension. The Dolphin EV still features two electric motors but now offers new LFP battery options. The base model has a 32 kWh battery, the next version has a 45 kWh pack for a range of up to 261 miles (420 km), and a 60 kWh version is set to launch with a range of up to 323 miles (520 km).

In the ever-evolving electric vehicle landscape, while BYD and Tesla surge ahead, legacy automakers like Ford, GM, and Mercedes-Benz, struggling with EV technology, face challenges in keeping pace.