In early 2022, Bentley Motors shared exciting news about their venture beyond cars – a lavish residential skyscraper emerging in Miami. Fast forward to today, and the project is officially in motion, unveiling more captivating details. Brace yourself for a design that’s not just luxurious but uniquely centered around cars, featuring not one, not two, but four-car elevators. Imagine a sky-high garage, glistening with glass, ready to cradle those high-end wheels. Bentley’s bold leap into architecture promises an exceptional living experience where luxury meets the thrill of elevating both living spaces and prized automobiles.

Dezer Development is the creative force behind the Bentley Residences, a project designed by the talented architects at Sieger Suarez. Picture this: nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach, Bentley’s luxury haven is taking shape. While the exact height remains a tantalizing secret, we do know this skyscraper will proudly stand tall with a whopping 62 floors. This isn’t just any building – it’s a grand masterpiece that will house 216 opulent apartments, each promising a slice of the high-life in the vibrant heart of Miami.

The design of the tower will draw inspiration from iconic Bentley elements, giving it a distinctive touch. To capture the essence, the facade will feature a reinterpretation of the diamond-quilted pattern found on Bentley door panels. This will be achieved through the use of diamond-shaped glass panels, strategically angled to not only replicate the pattern but also to play with and enhance the effects of natural light. The automotive influence extends into the interior, highlighted by the inclusion of four-car elevators and a specialized storage system.

“At the heart of Bentley Residences is the patented car elevator that transports both car and passengers from the road directly to a resident’s doorstop in one swift move,” explained Bentley’s press release. “The Dezervator, named after its founder Gil Dezer, creates an unparalleled lifestyle for buyers centered around exclusivity and privacy. The innovation makes three- and four-car sky garages within each residence possible and offers convenient, secure storage for private car collections. Complete with the option for EV charging amenities, these sky garages also provide additional space for storage and small motorized vehicles such as wave runners and motorcycles.”

Inside the apartments, a lavish atmosphere awaits, meticulously crafted to embrace the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living. Expect top-tier appliances, Italian cabinetry, and bathrooms that go beyond the ordinary, transforming into personal spas complete with saunas. The luxury extends to subtle yet discerning details, like textured door handles inspired by Bentley’s iconic car design. Each element harmoniously contributes to an opulent living experience within the residences.

Furthermore, each balcony will boast its private heated swimming pool, a summer kitchen, and a spacious outdoor living area thoughtfully crafted to reduce the impact of wind loads. In addition to these personalized features, residents will have access to shared amenities, including a spa, a cinema, and an exclusive restaurant. This blend of individualized comforts and communal offerings enhances the overall lifestyle experience provided by the residences.

Embark on a journey of luxury living at Bentley Residences, where opulence meets innovation. Priced from $5.6 million, these residences redefine extravagance. Indulge in personalized features like private pools on every balcony and shared amenities such as a spa, cinema, and exclusive restaurant. The anticipated completion in late 2027 adds an exciting countdown to the grand unveiling of this iconic development. Elevate your lifestyle and secure your place in the epitome of sophistication.

Bentley Residences represents the latest trend of automotive designers venturing into the realm of architecture. Notable counterparts in this fusion of design and construction include ventures by Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, and Bugatti. Interestingly, Dezer Development, the force behind Bentley Residences, is also at the helm of the Bugatti project, showcasing its expertise and innovation. These endeavors mark a captivating intersection where the precision of automotive design converges with the artistry of architecture, promising unique and groundbreaking living experiences.