Audi Launches 6th Charging Hub in Frankfurt: Offering up to 320 kW, 4 HPC Stations at Orber Straße. Drivers of any electric car brand can enjoy swift charging while indulging in the adjacent Klassikstadt Frankfurt. This historic site, home to a world-class collection of vintage and modern classic cars, provides a delightful experience. Audi’s innovative design ensures a barrier-free environment, accommodating all users, including those with disabilities, with patented swivel arms, adjustable displays, and ample maneuvering space. A unique blend of cutting-edge technology and inclusive accessibility.

The clever swivel arm cuts charging cable weight by 60%, making it easy for wheelchair users to handle the CCS connector with one hand. With a dedicated CCS connector holder and a protective canopy, the experience is optimized, keeping the connector dry. The swivel arm ensures hassle-free access to charging sockets from any direction, eliminating the need for precise vehicle positioning. Automatic cable retraction not only prevents tripping hazards but also keeps the cable dry, ensuring a smooth charging experience for all.

Audi is making strides in urban charging, expecting around 5,000 annual charging sessions in Frankfurt. Nikolai Senst, overseeing the charging hub rollout, predicts a high return rate, similar to the 70% seen in Nuremberg. The hub, open to all car brands, features six charging points and a 200-square-meter lounge. Audi customers can conveniently book charging slots through the myAudi app.

Audi’s charging hub utilizes second-life batteries from test vehicles, eliminating the need for extra transformers and tapping into existing low-voltage connections. With temporary storage, it boasts 1.05-megawatt hours, capable of continuously charging 60 vehicles without any interruptions.

In the Frankfurt area, with a growing number of electric vehicles, the charging hub provides a valuable extra charging option. Frankfurt City Councillor Stephanie Wüst emphasizes its significance for those unable to charge at home or work, highlighting the added benefit of spending waiting time at the nearby Klassikstadt building.