In the upcoming 2025 Acura ZDX, it seems that we’ll be getting more of what made the 2024 model a standout. The buzz around this car suggests that it’s going to maintain the essence of the all-new design introduced in 2024. Picture this: Acura’s initial foray into the world of electric vehicles, the ZDX, boasts an impressive range of around 325 miles and packs a punch with a maximum horsepower of 500. The 2025 ZDX is shaping up to be a thrilling continuation of Acura’s venture into the electric future.

Cruising in style, the ZDX is all about rocking Acura’s latest design vibes – think LED front lights that scream signature style, smooth sides that turn heads, and a roof design that’s practically floating on air. Say goodbye to the norm because instead of a regular grille, the ZDX flaunts a textured panel that’s lit!

Now, step inside this beast, and you’ve got room for your whole crew – five in total, spread across two rows of sheer comfort. Need space for all your gear? No problem! The ZDX’s got you covered with a cargo hold that can handle a whopping 60.8 cubic feet.

But wait, there’s more – buckle up for a tech fiesta! Picture an 11.0-inch digital gauge cluster, an 11.3-inch touchscreen that’s your command center, Google apps built right in, and to top it off, a sound system by Bang & Olufsen that’ll blow your mind with its 14 speakers. The ZDX isn’t just a ride; it’s a whole experience, and it’s ready to roll!

Acura ZDX Specs

The basic A-Spec edition is rolling with a 342-horsepower electric motor rocking the back wheels, powered by a hefty 102.0-kWh battery pack. But here’s where it gets wild – you can amp it up with an extra motor for all-wheel drive action, cranking the power to a whopping 459 horses. Talk about a power boost!

Now, when it comes to range, Acura’s got it going on. The solo motor A-Spec promises a cool 325 miles on a full charge, and if you go for the double motor upgrade, you’re still looking at a solid 315 miles of adventure.

And hold on tight because if you’re running low and need a quick zap, the single-motor A-Spec can snag a sweet 81 miles in just 10 minutes at a charging station. That’s faster than grabbing a coffee! Acura’s not just making cars; they’re cooking up electric excitement!

The line-topping Type S carries standard AWD and a dual-motor setup that produces 500 hp, making it the most powerful SUV in the brand’s history. The Type S also gets Brembo brakes, a sport-tuned adaptive air suspension, and 22-inch wheels. Range drops 288 miles on the Type S, the sequence of adding high-performance hardware.

Acura ZDX Safety Features

The Acura ZDX isn’t messing around when it comes to safety. It’s holding on tight to all the good stuff – adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and the works. Front and rear automatic emergency braking? You betcha!

But hold on, it’s not just playing it safe; it’s also offering a hands-free highway driving system called AcuraWatch 360+. It’s like having a co-pilot for the open road. Safety and cool tech, all wrapped up in one sleek ride.

Acura ZDX Price & Release Date

The Acura ZDX’s price tag is getting a little nudge, but nothing too crazy. We’re talking a starting point of $64,500, and if you’re feeling fancy with the Type S, it’s $73,500 – destination included.

Now, when the 2025 ZDX hits the streets, it’s stepping into the arena with some heavy hitters like the Cadillac Lyric, Audi Q4 e-tron, and the Genesis GV60. It’s like the red carpet of premium electric SUVs, and the ZDX is ready to strut its stuff! Get ready for some serious SUV showdown.

Mark your calendars for the early 2025 arrival of the ZDX at dealerships. Stay tuned as we approach the release date for a comprehensive update on all things ZDX – we’re here to keep you in the loop!