The 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s a style icon. Boasting a sleek design, this hybrid sedan comes with optional sport styling, adding an extra dose of flair to its dynamic persona. Get ready for a greener, trendier ride that doesn’t compromise on performance.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Design

The 2024 Honda Accord catches your eye right away with its striking appearance. At the front, it boasts a unique design with a glossy black mesh grille and sleek dual low-beam LED headlights. These LED lights have a sporty touch, thanks to their blacked-out housing, ensuring they look cool both day and night. The boldness of the 2024 Accord’s style is evident from the very first glance.

The 2024 Accord captures attention with its gracefully flowing lines, sleek contours, and a roofline that takes inspiration from fastback designs. These design elements combine to create a look of timeless sophistication, leaving a lasting impression. The car’s elegant curves and modern roofline contribute to a sense of enduring style and class.

The back of the sedan is crafted to highlight its wide and sleek appearance, and it’s especially noticeable with the distinct linear tapered LED taillights that give it a one-of-a-kind look. For added flair, the Sport Hybrid, Sport-L Hybrid, and Touring Hybrid trims showcase their individuality with exclusive 19-inch alloy wheel designs. The sedan’s rear design not only emphasizes its width and style but also ensures a unique visual identity, while different trims make a statement with their exclusive wheel designs.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior

Inside the Accord, you’ll find a sleek dashboard, an upgraded Driver Information Interface, and front seats designed for stability—all part of the refined cabin experience. Plus, you can easily bring sunlight and fresh air into the mix with the convenient one-touch power moonroof, putting control right at your fingertips. The Accord’s cabin is not just comfortable but also packed with features, from the streamlined dashboard and improved Driver Information Interface to body-stabilizing front seats. For a touch of nature, open up the one-touch power moonroof for instant access to sunlight and fresh air.

Experience the convenience of a spacious 12.3-inch touch-screen display, a standard feature on hybrid trims, offering a clear and expansive view of maps and essential apps. Simplify your life with the wireless phone charger, ensuring a hassle-free way to recharge your compatible smartphone. If you opt for the Touring Hybrid trim with Google built-in, enjoy the perks of hands-free assistance from Google Assistant and navigation support from Google Maps—all accessible right from your car. Plus, dive into a world of apps with additional choices from Google Play. The hybrid trims not only provide a large and user-friendly touch-screen but also include modern amenities like wireless phone charging.

Opt for the Touring Hybrid, and you’ll have the power of Google Assistant and Google Maps at your fingertips, along with a variety of apps from Google Play.

Tailor your driving experience with the customizable Driver Information Interface, where you can easily access audio details, range, and the status of your vehicle—all conveniently displayed alongside your gauges. Take convenience to the next level with the Touring Hybrid trim’s Head-Up Display, projecting essential information like your speed, navigation directions, and the status of Honda Sensing® right in front of you.

The Driver Information Interface allows you to personalize what you see, presenting audio info, range, and vehicle status right alongside your gauges. For an added touch of convenience, the Head-Up Display in the Touring Hybrid trim puts key details like your speedometer, navigation directions, and Honda Sensing® status directly in your line of sight.

Enjoy enhanced comfort for your rear passengers with rear seats designed for increased support, ensuring stability during acceleration, braking, and turns. Experience a natural and comfortable seating position throughout your drive with front seats featuring body-stabilizing design, improved bolstering, and lumbar support. Regardless of the season, stay cozy with the option of heated and ventilated front seats for a comfortable ride all year round.

The rear seats are crafted to offer extra support, making sure your backseat passengers stay comfortable and stable during acceleration, braking, and turns. Up front, the body-stabilizing seats with added bolstering and lumbar support ensure you maintain a natural seating position throughout your journey. For ultimate comfort, choose heated or ventilated front seats to stay cozy in any weather.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Performance

Whether you’re craving excitement or a peaceful drive, the 2024 Accord has you covered. Experience enhanced acceleration with both the 192-hp turbo engine and the optional 204-hp* hybrid powertrain. Navigate corners effortlessly with the hybrid’s motion management system. Feel the immediate surge of torque as soon as you hit the pedal, thanks to the powerful electric motor in the 204-horsepower hybrid.

The 2024 Accord caters to both thrill-seekers and those seeking a serene drive. With options like the 192-hp turbo engine and the available 204-hp* hybrid powertrain, enjoy improved acceleration. The hybrid’s motion management system ensures smooth handling around corners, while the electric motor’s instant torque provides a powerful and direct driving experience.

The 2024 Accord’s hybrid powertrain, with its powerful traction motor and high-voltage battery, smoothly switches to electric-only mode in certain situations. This means less emissions and a greener driving experience when conditions allow.

The 2024 Accord hybrid trims, offer Sport mode for a lively performance, ECON mode for fuel efficiency, and an Individual mode where you can personalize settings like steering and gauges to suit your preferences. Customize your driving experience with the hybrid trims of the 2024 Accord. Whether you’re after a spirited performance in Sport mode, aiming for optimal efficiency in ECON mode, or desiring a personalized touch in Individual mode where you can adjust settings like steering and gauges.

Take control with the steering wheel-mounted deceleration selectors in the 2024 Accord. Customize your preferred level of regenerative braking, a feature that not only replenishes the high-voltage battery as you decelerate but also contributes to minimizing wear on brake pads and rotors over time. The 2024 Accord puts the power in your hands with steering wheel-mounted deceleration selectors. Adjust them to set your preferred regenerative braking level, a smart feature that not only charges the high-voltage battery during deceleration but also works towards reducing wear on brake pads and rotors in the long run.

In the lineup, the LX and EX trims stand out with a punchy 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, providing not just power, but a responsive driving experience. With an output of 192 horsepower and an equally impressive 192 pound-feet of torque, these trims deliver a perfect blend of performance and efficiency.

Experience seamless transitions with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in the 2024 Accord, meticulously crafted to fine-tune the turbocharged engine’s speed across various driving scenarios. This ensures instant power when needed without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The 2024 Accord’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) is engineered for smooth shifts, expertly adjusting the turbocharged engine’s speed in any driving situation. This means you get immediate power without sacrificing fuel economy, promising a harmonious balance between performance and efficiency.

Feel the Accord’s exceptional responsiveness, agility, and balance as you navigate curves. The motion management system, utilizing steering input, automatically fine-tunes deceleration, ensuring a confident grip on the front wheels through every twist and turn. When maneuvering through curves, experience the Accord’s remarkable responsiveness, agility, and balance. Thanks to the motion management system, which responds to your steering, deceleration is automatically adjusted, helping to maintain optimal grip on the front wheels and enhancing the overall driving experience.

With the perfect blend of sporty performance and comfort in the Accord, where the front suspension is finely tuned for smooth steering with minimal friction, and the rear suspension is crafted to minimize road vibration. Enjoy a serene journey in the 2024 Accord, as all trims feature quieter powertrains and improved insulation, reducing road noise for a more peaceful ride.

The Accord seamlessly fuses sporty dynamics with comfort, ensuring low-friction steering in the front suspension and minimal road vibration in the rear suspension. Take pleasure in a tranquil drive with the 2024 Accord, where enhanced insulation, quieter powertrains, and various improvements work together to diminish road noise on all trims.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Trims & Price

The supremacy of the hybrid powertrain in the 2024 Honda Accord is a harmonious blend of power, smoothness, and efficiency. The only dilemma? Deciding who gets the pleasure of taking the wheel. The 2024 Accord, equipped with a potent and efficient hybrid powertrain, offers an unparalleled combination of power and smoothness. The only tough decision? Figuring out who gets to be behind the wheel.

2024 Honda Hybrid variantsPrice
Honda Sport Hybrid MSRP $32,895 
Honda EX-L HybridMSRP $34,540
Honda Sport-L HybridMSRP $34,875
Honda Touring HybridMSRP $38,890